Acupuncture, EAV, Homeopathy & Naturopathy


Q - Does EAV hurt?

A - Absolutely not. A sensor is used on the surface of the skin to measure skin resistance similar to checking the batteries of a car.

Q - How many needles will pierce my skin?

A - None. We will be using a blunt sensor that is gently pressed against the skin. It looks like a big fountain pen.

Q - How much time will I spend at the doctor's office?

A - Typically 1.5 hours for the first assessment.

Q - What will be achieved during the first office visit?

A - A first assessment consists of a consultation, EAV electro-diagnostic screening (EDS) and evaluation of test. We will be assessing the energetic state of all organ systems and find out where the major problem is located, what causes the problem, and identify the best homeopathic remedies for this particular situation. Of course, there will also be a food sensitivity test.

Q - When will I get the results?

A- You will be given a computer print out of all test results and pertinent information at the time of your office visit.

Q - What kind of medicines will I be receiving?

A - All medicines will be homeopathic. EDS will suggest a selection of medicines which are specifically tailored to each individual. For example, 20 different people with asthma will have 20 different medicines.

Q - Are there side effects?

A - No. Homeopathic medicines are safe for everybody, including newborns and pregnant mothers. They do not interfere with other medications. They have no known side effects.

Q - How fast will I get better?

A - It all depends on how long the condition has been there. 50 years of headaches cannot be blown away in one session. However, many patients will notice an amelioration of symptoms within days to weeks of taking the medicine.